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Note: Bank must be top 50 and not mainland China (relbanks.com.worlds-top-banks/assets)
OFAC Statement

The Seller and the Buyer recognize this transaction shall be based In U.S.A. Dollars and confirm that they shall abide by the U.S.A. Treasury Office Foreign Assets Control regulations and requirements for Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons as notice in www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/SDN- List/Pages/default.aspx . A copy of the January 1, 2017 DNBP notice is attached.

The Seller and the Buyer further agree to include this clause and the below statement in any Pay Orders to brokers, consultants and any other “third parties” to whom monies will be received in result of this contemplated transaction. The Parties agree to use this search engine for all persons associated with this transaction prior to engagement with any individual or company and agree to the following statement:

“To the best of all parties’ knowledge, no person with whom they associated or affiliated in any way with regard to this transaction intends to do anything which would (1) violate any law or regulations of the United States, or of any other country involved in this transaction, nor of international law or (2) jeopardize the security or integrity of the United States of America. To the best of their knowledge, none of the parties to this Agreement is aware of any specially designated nationals, specially designated narcotics traffickers, foreign terrorist organizations, blocked persons, or targeted countries, as designated by the Office of Foreign Assets Control that is now or will hereafter (1) be a party to this transaction or (2) share in any benefits of this transaction.”

I have read and agree to the above OFAC statement

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