Company History

  • 2015

    Humble beginnings

    B-Rock Crude Partners Is incorporated in Texas and commences business as a gather of small lots of crude oil of 1000 barrels or less from small independent producers in Texas and Ohio, and sold the crude to various refineries in those respective states. B-Rock goal at the time was to provide a higher netback return to the smaller producers that B-Rock was doing business with.

  • 2016

    The Building Blocks

    B-Rock Crude Partners Leverages Refiner relationships and starts to sell refined fuel products such as ULSD, Gasoline, Aviation Fuel, etc; due to demand from various end buyer relationships developed through the course of business.

  • 2017

    Expanding the Network

    B-Rock Crude Partners Begins to develop relationships with Refiners, Producers, and Allocation holders in Europe (Rotterdam) Asia (Singapore) and the Mideast (Dubai) which leads to additional business opportunities for B-Rock.

  • 2018

    Started development of PetroSoft and new core management team

    B-Rock Crude Partners, LLC. Reincorporates in Florida to leverage more favorable tax laws and adds four (4) new Managing Partners to the Management Team. B-Rock begins to develop Proprietary in-house software, PetroSoft, which is utilizing and implementing innovative cutting edge Blockchain Technology. B-Rock implements its Third Party Intermediary Program (3PI), and deploys B-Rock 360. During this time B-Rock is awarded a 637 License (pending bond approval) and is the actual title holder and seller of refined fuels for transactions in the US. B-Rock also executed a strategic JV Agreement with an allocation holder that has been in business for 14 years with offices in the U.A.E. and Florida.

  • 2019


    B-Rock Crude Partners, LLC made numerous strategic business moves in order to solidify a more robust supply source as well as ensuring this new supply had viable exits that are committed to B-Rock and the products provided. As a result B-Rock was approved to do business with Enterprise. Enterprise is the largest exporter of crude products in the United States selling 38% of all exports originated in the US. They have the ability to supply that is second to none and have brought forward positions that allow B-Rock to make a substantial margin as a reseller. Beyond the pricing and consistency of supply, the logistical benefits they provide in the USGC are very attractive to the companies that we sell to. With this new opportunity, B-Rock was able to make our positions with our exits firm. These include companies such as BB Energy, Texcon Trading, Count Energy, Elinoil, Hellenic Refinery, Vitol, ZenRock, MegaSource, and others.

    Perhaps one of the most important pieces that made all of this possible was the implementation of our bilateral credit facility with Bank of America. BofA has committed to backing B-Rock and extending the credit and trade finance needed to facilitate our transactions. They also act on behalf of B-Rock as a vetting arm and require all of the selling and buying parties to pass credit and counter register prior to engaging in business. This ensures all parties of any transaction have the capabilities and finances to conclude the presented transaction(s).

B-Rock Crude Partners LLC (BRCP) is an asset-light company incorporated originally in Texas in 2015 and reincorporated in Florida in 2019, that is engaged in the fuel trading sales business model, (Buying and taking Title to Product, Selling Product, along with in not too often instances Brokering Product) as well as provider of integrated logistics management solutions. The Company offers services to its customers across multiple refinery modes, as we work directly with refineries, qualified suppliers, end sellers and end buyers. We have an extensive due diligence in place (KYC) that buyers complete through BRCP prior to sending out any corporate offers and procedural discussions with the potential end buyer.

BRCP provides services principally throughout the Americas along with Europe and Asia, BRCP is a supplier of oil products directly from various refineries and other various qualified suppliers worldwide. The Company’s services emphasize transparency, information coordination, and customer service that are managed and administered through a network of independent commission sales agents and third party providers linked together by a series of technological applications which are provided and coordinated by the Company. BRCP markets its fuel, crude oil and commodity offerings through our on staff account executives and independent commission sales agents worldwide, BRCP independent commission sales agents enter into contractual arrangements with the Company and are responsible for locating qualified end buyers of refined products and assisting corporate management in completing the transaction process with the end buyer.

Through this network of sales agents linked together by BRCP's proprietary technology platform PetroSoft, which is currently being integrated with Blockchain smart contracts, BRCP will continue evolving, as our vision with this software and technology separates BRCP from the competition in a huge way to ensure global branding with a stellar reputation. Blockchain technology increases security, reduces fraud, automates data flow, improves traceability and trackability, reduces paperwork, and increases overall transparency BRCP operates as an integrated fuel reseller and facilitator (under contractual agreement). BRCP operates as a reserve based mechanism for trust with suppliers and buyers, with a general mechanism in place (Blockchain) for creating consensus per industry standards, with commodity based trading. BRCP supplies refined fuel products and also takes title to Crude Oil, Fuel Oil, Jet Fuel, (aviation kerosene or avgas), Gasoil/Diesels, Mazut, and other refined petroleum products and commodities directly from top refineries and suppliers throughout the world and sells to financially qualified end buyers.