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Welcome to B-Rock Crude Partners

B-Rock Crude Partners is a direct buyer and reseller of petroleum products. We deliver the highest quality petroleum products and services to customers throughout the World. We have developed a reputation as a diverse provider of petroleum related services. Our management and fulfillment division, has the dedicated staffing needed to facilitate contracts and procedures with utmost efficiency and transparency. This combination of in-house funding and strong management has allowed B-Rock to become a leader as a reseller while giving you peace of mind and smooth, seamless transactions.   In 2019 B-Rock Crude Partners signed a Joint Venture agreement with a major supplier based in Dubai, UAE.

Easy and Affordable

Competitive Pricing

Through our access to the capital markets, our financial and JV partners provide the funding for B-Rock in these types of transactions with petroleum purchase contracts. This allows us the flexibility to complete contracts, in house, without any middle companies or the problems that can be encountered with them. We work collaboratively with our customers and partners to identify and implement optimal solutions. We invest in long-term partnerships and understand that the commercial context can vary over time.

Easy and Affordable

Reliable Supply Allocation

B-Rock Crude Partners can supply petroleum products directly from top refineries and the largest end sellers of crude oil & other oil commodities, we pride ourselves in being considered a responsible title holder, seller, and trader of crude oil, gasoil/diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil, and other refined products. In 2019, B-Rock Crude Partners was awarded a 637 license (pending bond approval) and is now compliant to sell refined fuel products within the United States as a title holder to meet all of your domestic refined fuel supply needs.

Team Of Professionals

Global Network

B-Rock Crude Partners supplies Crude Oil worldwide from our JV partner that is based in Dubai and Singapore, and we also can supply refined fuel products from various refineries in the US and Worldwide. At B-Rock Crude Partners we are fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, French, and Arabic.

Smart Technology

Smart Technology

PetroSoft ® is our proprietary enterprise trading platform, built to seamlessly connect our global network, with a focus on ease of use, accessibility, and transparency. Development for the integration of blockchain smart contracts is now underway utilizing the IBM Blockchain Platform, based on hyperledger open achitecture.

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What We Do

B-Rock Crude Partners is an energy company standing at the center of the global energy flows. We exercise our expertise, knowledge and logistical networks to deliver energy around the world, with effectiveness and reliability in a seamless transactional manner. Today, B-Rock Crude serves financially qualified buyers energy supply and demand, delivering energy products to these buyers worldwide. Our buyers comprise of airlines, multinationals, national oil companies, private industrial and chemical companies. Our business is built on long term relationships and we value the many partnerships we have built over time. Notwithstanding, we carry out rigorous, risk based know your customer (KYC) procedures on all our partners and counterparts.

Agricultural Processing

Crude Oil

With today's ever increasing demand for crude oil, it is imperative to get product when you need it. B-Rock Crude Partners provides the most reliable crude oil purchasing and marketing services available, B-Rock provides CIF, FOB, TTO and CI Dip & Pay based crude oil purchasing procedures that are straight forward, seamless, and 100% verifiable to financially qualified buyers. We provide various types of crude oil from several locations around the world and U.S., and currently have verifiable BLCO available.

Chemical Research

Aviation Fuel

B-Rock Crude Partners provides competitively priced JP5, JP4, TS1 and Jet A1 for the world market on CIF, and in certain instances a Dip and Pay procedure. B-Rock is a key business introducer for the procurement of these commodities. We arrange the private buying and selling of these commodities in small and large quantities, either by taking title, or working directly with suppliers and buyers worldwide.

Material Engineering


B-Rock Crude Partners can supply both fuel grade and anode grade petcoke from various refiners in the Middle East, Russia, Asian, and US based American refineries, with Sulphur content ranging from less than 1% (ultralow Sulphur) to 5% (mid Sulphur) to 7% and above (high Sulphur) along with low ash content along with unprocessed green petcoke.

Mechanical Engineering

Gas Oil

EN590 and Number #2 Diesel (Gasoil) is in high demand. Through our numerous refinery relationships, we are able to provide a variety of refined diesel fuel types to our clients. Our supply available ranges from 50,000 MT to 300,000 MT per month. Colonial Grade ULSD, Gasoline, along with bunker fuel (RMG380) is also available from our suppliers in the U.S.

Petroleum and Gas


B-Rock Crude Partners can supply Mazut 100 from refineries in Russia (based on Russian GOST specifications) for export along with refineries in India and select refineries in the Mideast. Most sulphur grades of Mazut are available per the request with specs supplied by the buyer.